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Interior Design may be a specialized branch of Architecture. the simplest building, also because the Interiors, is taken into account as total design. Interior designing may be a fast-growing professional field with the important estate and housing industry playing an important role in its growth. The program is to specialise in creative planning and skilled execution of styles of interior spaces. The architect usually concerns himself with the general design of buildings; designer cares with more intimately scaled aspects of design. Interior Design concerns itself with quite just the visual or ambient of interior space, it seeks to optimize and harmonize the uses to which the built environment are going to be put. This course teaches you about the dynamics of an indoor environment.


  • SJB School of Design started in the year 2017 offering B.Sc in Interior Design & Decoration course affiliated to Bangalore University.
  • SJB School of Design is located inside the SJB School of Architecture block.    Idea is to Integrate Interior Design along with Architecture course which goes hand on hand in the market which makes Interior Design course very unique and distinctive from other colleges. School opens 24/7  for students to work.
  • SJB School of Design is headed by Prof: Jai Ganesh M.S M.Arch Architect, Urban Designer &Interiordesigner with 17 years of experience in the field.    

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